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TransportLAB Challenge(s) 2017

Are you also fascinated by sustainable, eco-friendly innovation in transport and logistics?

Then participate in our 2017 online challenge, focusing on the connection between Logistics and Mobility.

Theme: Logistics Mobility

Logistics are characterized by strict planning, deviations are costly and not wanted. However, nowadays deviations are more rule then exception. 

  • Is it possible to make logistics more flexible, more real-time and mobile?
  • What problems do we face and what solutions are at hand or can be developed?
  • Can we create sustainable and real-time logistics in collaboration with smart Talking Traffic initiatives?

Who can participate?

Not just for data crunchers but also for other experts (and of course students/young engineers, alone or as a team) that can contribute to our challenges.

When and how can you participate?

You can register your interest with the form on this page.

We will provide more information in the coming period, so register for this community and keep following us and share the news:      

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What is in it for You?

We guarantee a CARRY FORWARD of the winning idea/solution:

 Start-Up Coaching

 Workspace in ImpactHUB Amsterdam

 Investor or co-finance search

 Market introduction to launching customers

 Introduction to Mainport Innovation Fund


When and Where?

First register with the form below.

 March 31st: Physical kick-off. 16.30-17.30. Information and questions about challenges.

 April 1st-14th: Online challenge. Publish your contribution prior to April 17th 17.00 hrs.

 April 14th-16th: Record your video pitch and publish prior to April16th 12.00 hrs.

 April 20th: Closing event. 13.00-18.00. Masterclasses, pitches &  jury.

 March 31st: Impact HUB, Linneausstrat 2c, Amsterdam

 April 20th: Prodock, Moezelhavenweg 9, Amsterdam


Let us know what challenge you will tackle:

Jury members 2017

  • Ron Schuurbiers, Simacan

    Ron Schuurbiers, Simacan

    16-feb-17 15:32 ⋅  0

    Simacan is a Dutch start-up founded in 2013 by Rob Schuurbiers and Felix Faassen, two engineers with more than 15 years of experience in developing of innovative products and services for the B2B, the government, and consumer market. Their products int...

    door: Floor Bloem
  • René Bruijne, Transfollow

    René Bruijne, Transfollow

    16-feb-17 15:32 ⋅  0

    TransFollow is the first community platform to exchange, track and sign a compliant (e-CMR) consignment note or proof of delivery (POD) digitally for all parties in the logistical supply chain. The added information and status updates of the consignmen...

    door: Floor Bloem
  • Reinier Trommel, CROW/Infra-Innovation Network

    Reinier Trommel, CROW/Infra-Innovation Network

    16-feb-17 15:32 ⋅  0

    Project manager infrastructure at Knowledge platform CROW. Reinier facilitates the Infra-innovation network. A network that consists of decentrale governmental bodies and various market parties that together have the ambition to improve and accelerate...

    door: Floor Bloem
  • Paul Swaak, TransportLAB

    Paul Swaak, TransportLAB

    17-feb-17 09:20 ⋅  0

    TransportLAB initiates and facilitates innovations in transport and Logistics.

    door: Floor Bloem
  • Jan Egbertsen, Port of Amsterdam

    Jan Egbertsen, Port of Amsterdam

    16-feb-17 15:37 ⋅  0

    After studying Business Administration and Logistics at the University of Twente, Jan Egbertsen (1964) worked for Akzo Nobel in the field of purchasing and organization development. Thereafter he became a consultant at DTB Consultancy. A company specia...

    door: Floor Bloem
  • Hans Moonen, CGI. University Twente

    Hans Moonen, CGI. University Twente

    16-feb-17 15:32 ⋅  0

    Hans M. Moonen (1978) is an assistant professor in the department of Industrial Engineering & Business Information Systems. He holds a MSc. in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from Eindhoven University of Technology and a PhD in Logi...

    door: Floor Bloem

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